Batemans – XB Bitter

Batemans - XB Bitter

A week in Wales and staying right opposite a pub that sold quite a number of cask ales, and several visiting ales. How good could this be 🙂 First off we have Batemans XB Bitter. Amazingly this is my first review of an English beer.

The Beer: 3.7% ABV; hand pumped (no gas pumping); a light-pale amber pint of beer, slightly cloudy; light, or actually little, gas, subtle effervescence; Bitter, in fact dry bitterness, hoppy taste.

A very pleasant pint of bitter, we all very much enjoyed it. Not too strong with the alcohol, but a strong enough taste and certainly something very different in style to what there is available in Prague. And then this is part of the delight of traveling and revisiting ‘old tastes’. This is the style of beer I used to drink when I lived in the UK. The primary beer available in the Central European region is the (good) lager or Pilsner styles. To be able to come back and try this good example of bitter is a delight.

Website: Batemans

One thought on “Batemans – XB Bitter

  1. I must agree that XB is an excellent beer. It tastes even better in the brewery itself. If you get a chance, pay a visit to this excellent establishment in Wainfleet, Lincolnshire. For a report on my own visit, see my own blog at

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