Primator – Weizenbier

Primator - Weizenbier

Primator - Weizenbier

It has taken me a while to get round to wanting to try anything from the Printer brewery. They do have a wide selection of beers, they have really mastered the packaging, design and marketing, and I like the idea that the brewery is state owned – that is to say the town of Nachod owns the brewery. My “problem” has been the ingredients label, it has an ‘E’ number usually mentioned. This goes dead against the whole idea of brewing good beer – think Reinheitsgebot, and yes I am perfectly aware of the arguments against this (see: Reinheitsgebot is bollocks on European Beer guide for example), the point is getting away from chemical beers. But I am not that strict, and after receiving a recommendation, I couldn’t resist.

The Beer: 5%, wheat beer; light golden, slightly misty in colour- usual of wheat beers; smells good, very light and wheaty (I really can’t go for fruity as a description, there’s no fruit in it); taste is really great, reminds me of Belgian and German white beers, it has a very pleasant taste; refreshing.

It was drinkable; It certainly is something that is more refreshing than a lot of the harder beers you can get,especially when it comes to after taste. You can certainly imagine drinking many glasses of this during the summer, and certainly gives the likes of Hoegaarden a run for its money. If you like wheat beers then this is a good try. The main thing is, no ‘E’ numbers. Drinkable. I can’t, nor ever will, get over the idea of additives, but it is still worth trying out.

Website: Primator

5 thoughts on “Primator – Weizenbier

  1. I am not the most discriminating beer drinker in the world, but this beer just stands out to me. I’m glad you liked it. But I almost always drink it on tap. You must try it — it seems to be spreading around, at least in my neighborhood. I was drinking it at the Nanocafe on Kodanska. But my favorite local restaurant, Neklid on Ruska, just gave Hoegaarden the boot and switched to Primator on tap. They also have Pilsner Urquell, Gambrinus (yes, I know), and Radegast.

  2. Yes, I do like this beer. Its for one of those wheat-beer moments. One of the better (mass produced) to compare with is Paulaner from Munich, however, there are better versions from the smaller breweries in Bavaria – they go mad in Bavaria with Dark or Light wheat beers. Yum!

  3. Great beer!!! There are several places in Prague that have it on tap, and it is sooooo lovely. Actually, I would say that Primator is indeed the most interesting brewery in the Czech Rep. Their English Pale Ale is fantastic, too.

  4. one of the worst weizenbier i’ve ever tried. even worse than meissels weisse. it’s just AN MILLION TIMES PROVEN RULE that SLOVAK and CZECH BREWERIES CAN’T BREW WEIZENBIER … this was even worse than Zlaty Bazant Psenicne and that’s something …

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