Svijany – Svijansky Rytir

Svijany - Svijansky Rytir

Svijany - Svijansky Rytir

Today’s sampling comes from the Liberec Region of Czech Republic, north of Prague and on the border with Germany and Poland. The brewery of Svijany (pronounced Svee-yany or close enough to this) produces around seven or so beers, and whilst some are available on tap, this one comes in a bottle. No idea what to expect, so here goes.

The Beer: Svijansky Rytir– 5%, Pilsner style. Almost the same in colour to other Pilsners (probably is the same); wonderful yeasty aroma; even from the bottle maintains the head; taste is rather sharp; pleasant enough after taste; I would say a slightly heavier taste, put it this way you know you are drinking something different.

I like it. In all honesty I can’t remember drinking this before today, but the label does look familiar. Talking of which, it has, proudly emblazed in the top left corner of the bottle “Ceske Pivo, Bez Pasterizace”, which terribly translated means “Czech Beer, not pasteurised”. I defer to the following explanation as to what unpasteurised beer actually is (yes, until coming to Prague I had no idea there was such a thing)…

An unpasteurized beer is “live”, containing living microorganisms such as yeast. The alcohol in beer will kill any harmful bacteria, which is why unpasteurized beer is not the health risk that unpasteurized milk is.

I would never infer that beer is better than milk (okay, I would but milk tastes better on corn flakes; I say this from experience); Bottom line is that this is a good beer. If your are after a Pilsner with a different taste to the standard offering from Pilzen, then try this. There will certainly be a few bottles of this sitting in the fridge as an alternative offering. Worth having in the fridge if you do not want to buy the Pilsner Urquell. In fact I’d say it really worth having in stock.

Website: Pivovar Svijany

One thought on “Svijany – Svijansky Rytir

  1. Svijany is an outstanding brewery with outstanding beers. This is, together with Rohozec Skalak 12 my everyday beer. Great, beats bottled Pilsner Urquell by a lot. I buy it at a small shop near Dejvicka metro station at 11.50Kc a bottle, which is about the price of bottled Gambrinus 10 at a supermarket. Can’t beat that.

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