U Flecku – Tmavy Lezak

U Flecku - Tmavy Lezak

U Flecku - Tmavy Lezak

For a city that has plenty, in the way of beer, to offer, U Flecku stands out as being one of the more successful ventures in micro brewing. It is well on the tourist trail and located in a building that would keep historians and architecture groupies going for some time. Added to this it has a beer cellar atmosphere, “oom-paa” style music, a beer garden, and brews one of the best beers in Prague (if not Czech Republic), then you know its going to be interesting. They have got the commercialism down to a fine art, there is plenty of “U Flecku” merchandise to buy on the way out.

The Beer: Flekovsky tmavy lezak – this is the only beer that appears to be available. Other “brew pubs” offer some alternative, but this is the only one. Its a dark (very dark to the point of not being able to see through it), dark-roasted, lager style beer, at 4.6%. I would have said that this is approaching stout, but it is classed as a dark stout. All I can say is, it is fabulous, one of the best I have had for some time.

The one thing that spoils the experience is that this place really does come across as a money making enterprise more than just the beer experience. The waiters try to push Becherovka on you, and if you are not aware that it is not on the house, then a 80Kc drink will be added to your bill. I like Becherovka but not when I am drinking beer, and not at 80Kc (A liter bottle costs around 360Kc). It is a tourist trap, its overly commercial and not a place to relax in the beer garden, even with a large group of people you do not want to linger – a lot of people seemed somewhat uncomfortable being there.

But being there is for the beer. It is exceptional. To a point you can overlook the false atmosphere, the waiters, uneasy tourists, and annoying music. The beer itself is just fabulous, it is worth a drink or two. If it was available elsewhere (in a quieter pub) then it would be a better experience. Fabulous beer, pity about the waiters.

Website: U Flecku

4 thoughts on “U Flecku – Tmavy Lezak

  1. Get serious! The fun of going here, especially for a tourist, is to drink great dark beer AND interact with people from all over the world who want to party in a Beer Hall. If you wanted a quiet beer, you went to the wrong place. I say bad choice by you, not a bad atmosphere!

  2. With regards to atmosphere, if this is what appeals to you then good for you, hope you enjoy(ed) it. However, I am not rating or looking at pub or places to hang out with lots of people from all over the world, that is for other blogs and guides (I suggest http://czechoutchannel.blogspot.com/). If the atmosphere of the place is relevant to the post then I will add it. With all due respect, I fail to see what is so attractive about pushy waiters and (very) over priced Becherovka.
    So my response to you is it was a good choice for me since I was there for the beer and highly recommend it.

  3. Whether you were for the beer or the atmosphere. There is no possible way not to enjoy u flecku. Wonderful traditional Czech food and beer that is only made there, entertainment from a local musician to please ever nation with a song from that nation. I have been there 3 different times with 7 different people and there is not one complain. If you are not into the large crowds of people for dinner time there, if you arrive around 12 pm you can have a wonderful lunch and enjoy the same great beer with a minimal amount of people. U Flecku is a wonderful recommendation.

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