U Bezousku


U Bezousku

Located a few kilometers outside of Prague, the village of Pruhonice has a fabulous brewpub. We used to live here so I know the beer very well and sampled its fare many times but have never “formally” written about it. There are three beers available, the only one of which that will not be here is the Pantatova desitka. If you ever need an excuse to quickly leave Prague for half a day then its worth coming all the way for (about 45mins journey from the center). Please forgive the quality of the photo, its the best my camera-phone can do.

The Beers:
Malvaz (left)
5%; Orange-gold; strong or bitter taste more than anything else; quite a heavy taste; I’d hazard a guess and say it is roughly filtered based on the slight aura in colour; pleasant to drink.

Bizon (right) – 6%; Darker brown; you know you are drinking this because it has a very strong taste; almost too bitter; darker roasted; longer fermented; special brew;

After Words: Both are excellent in quality. Whilst the stronger Bizon is going to be an acquired taste, it is worth trying (it does come in 0.3 l).
The Malvaz is a cracking beer, whilst it could be an acquired taste, the 0.5l glass is going to go down well.

*Update (03 June 2008) – A year can mean a lot of changes, and this is no exception. The brewery, restaurant and rest of the place has been taken over by a larger group. Whilst the image of the place has been spruced up a bit the quality of the beer seems to have been impacted. Gone are the Bizon and Malvaz from the beer list. Whilst there are home brewed beers available these original beers have gone. Sad really.


Website: U Bezousku


One thought on “U Bezousku

  1. What a great site! I’m also deeply in love with czech lagers. I visited this monastary pub in March this year. I tried a dark brew. It was’nt special, so I ran down to my beloved tanknova pub in Mala Strana.

    Going back at thursday. If I can make it, I would try to taste the beers at the Richters brewery at Bulovky and the beer at Pivovarsky Dum at Lipiova. Then I have tried all the beer from Prague. My favorite so far is the brew at U Fleku.

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