Beer Factory

Sooner or later I need to add some more tastings to this blog. Anyway, the “Beer Factory”…

The concept for Beer Factory seems like a winner. Pour your own beer. Drink it. Repeat.

But perhaps the lack of customers caused what we considered a serious, perhaps fatal problem for the place. The beer was bad.

On the last visit, I poured my beer and took a sip. The first thing I noticed was that it was not very cold. Not warm, but it was not at a reasonable temperature.

I’d agree with the comments added to this story, as well as the overall message from the story. Its in a tourist trap part of town, its below ground and looks seedy, there are better options available. Great idea, but the beer tastes terrible.

4 thoughts on “Beer Factory

  1. bullshit…
    it might seem as an tourist trap for you
    but i pay less for a beer than in germany und I also tried even worse beer in pubs or clubs…

  2. Oh dear.
    Firstly, this pub is in one of the main tourist areas of Prague – its in Wenceslas Square for heaven’s sake, count how many tourists are around, its one of Prague’s main tourist areas.
    Secondly, yes you will pay less for a beer in Czech Republic than in Germany. Beer is, and always has been, cheap in Czech republic and the Euro is more favourable compared to the Koruna. I’d suggest visiting UK, Scandinavia or USA if you want to appreciate the amount you pay for a beer in Germany.

  3. So did you drank beer in Karlovy Lazne???
    I think it taste very bad!
    Yes Germany is expensive in evry way one could talk about…
    Another Point… Find a club or bar in the center of Prague where are no tourists!!!!

  4. Nonsense. I lived in Germany for years and it was a damn site cheaper than living in Prague – in many ways. Fabulous country compared to many others, okay maybe just the South is.

    There are many pubs in Central Prague that are quieter and not packed full of tourists paying over the odds for beer. Try

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