Gambrinus – Premium

Gambrinus - Premium

Gambrinus Premium is a bottle fermented, stronger pale (ale). Not entirely sure what this “premium” is compared too since there is very little in the way of competition when compared to the other beers that share the name, this should have a lot going for it. They also sponsor to Czech football league (2007). Yet another offering from Plzensky Prazdroj.

The Beer: 5.0%. This is my first taste of the bottled Gambrinus Premium. Its dark golden in colour and has a richer roasted, malty taste, somewhat to the point of being burnt, or on the point of it.

Lovely beer. I must admit I find it a bit heavier after a meal to drink compared with the Pilsner Urquell, but the taste is really great. Somewhat gassy and would go well with sausages. It will be on the shopping list if ever I want something different. Really good, worth a try, comes in boxes of eight

Update ( 16 June 2008 ) – This is certainly the only Gambrinus that I would even think of consuming and I have revisited this beer recently. It is actually a very good beer and worthy of the awards it gets. Whilst it’s “bigger brother” Pilsner Urquel gets the attention of the world, this beer somewhat languishes in the shadow but is capable of holding it’s own. I am really not sure if this is available elsewhere in the world, but if you are looking for a non-pretentious Pilsner style beer then this would be a worthy alternative.

Website: Gambrinus

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